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AGM 2020 – A Message From Our Chairman

The Society’s AGM was originally scheduled to be held on 30 April 2020 and was adjourned because the chosen venue was closed due to the Coronavirus lockdown. It had been hoped that the Coronavirus pandemic would have eased sufficiently to allow the Society to hold a near normal event for you, its Members.

However, Coronavirus continues to have a huge impact on everyone and as we are now beginning to see a resurgence of cases across the country, the Board has regrettably decided that there is likely to be too great a risk in holding an event which is open to all Members.

The new date for the AGM is now Tuesday 29 September 2020 and we will be holding the meeting virtually with the minimum quorum made up of Board Directors and staff who are Members of the Society. This is disappointing for us as we know that you may have wished to attend.

The Society must hold an AGM every year and the adjourned meeting must now be held before the end of September 2020. As the adjourned meeting is more than 30 days since the original date, we are obliged by the Society’s Rules to reissue the Notice which you will find on the reverse of this letter. As detailed in the Rules of the Society, the adjourned AGM is a continuation of the original meeting so you are not required to vote again.

Can I take this opportunity to thank all Members who voted on the AGM resolutions back in late March/early April. By voting you raised £602.50 for Voices, our Charity of the Year, who were extremely grateful. You can find out more about Voices here.

You can download or read a digital version of our latest AGM information which includes our Annual Report and Members Review 2019. The Review details achievements and activities throughout 2019 and provides the profiles of the Society’s Directors.

To allow Members to watch the Chair and Chief Executive presentations which will provide a quick look back at 2019 and, more importantly, bring you up to date on how the Society is faring in 2020 through these unprecedented times, we will record the presentations and share them on the website.

Also, you may have wished to ask a question and you can still do this by emailing your question to us at by Friday 18 September. The questions and answers will also be shared on our website following the AGM.

Thank you for your understanding in these difficult times and for continuing to support your Building Society.

Yours sincerely

Robert Derry-Evans

Chairman, Bath Building Society.

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