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Bath Building Society accredited as a real living wage employer

We are delighted to announce that the Society has recently gained accreditation from the Living Wage Foundation. This means that every member of staff working for the Society will earn a real Living Wage.

The real Living Wage is higher than the government’s minimum, or National Living Wage, and is an independently calculated hourly rate of pay that is based on the actual cost of living. It is calculated each year and is announced by the Living Wage Foundation as part of Living Wage Week. It is currently £9.50 in the UK, with a higher rate of £10.85 for London, reflecting the higher costs of living in the capital. But the Society actually pays a minimum of £10 per hour for all staff over 18.

Nearly 7,000 organisations, including the Society, voluntarily choose to pay the real Living Wage because we believe that a hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay. This means that so far, over 250,000 workers have received a pay-rise because of the real Living Wage.

This commitment applies to not only directly employed staff but also to our third party contracted staff. We have ensured that we pay/have a plan in place to ensure that all our third party contracted staff, such as our cleaners, are paid the real Living Wage.

You can find out more about the Living Wage by visiting

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