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Introducing our new Charity of the Year

We are pleased to announce our new charity of the year, BillyChip®️.

This year Bath Building Society colleagues were asked to nominate a charity close to their heart, who they believe do great work in the local community and would like to see the Society partner with. Society Members then voted from a shortlist of three amazing local charities and the overwhelming winner was BillyChip®️.

BillyChip®️ is the legacy of Billy Abernethy-Hope. Billy was the creator and inspiration behind the social enterprise which puts coffee shops and take-aways at the heart of community support for the homeless. Customers buy a BillyChip®️ for £2 from any participating outlet and give it to a homeless person. That BillyChip®️ can then be redeemed for food and drink of their choice, keeping your donation safe from misuse. All profits go to homeless projects. Sadly Billy never saw the scheme in action due to his untimely death, aged just 20 years old, in 2018.

Jon Hope, Billy’s Dad and a co-founder of BillyChip®️, said:

“We are delighted to have been chosen by Bath Building Society members as the Charity of the year.  The simplicity of the scheme and the help it can provide has really caught people’s imagination. The support of such an established and well recognised organisation in the city will only help spread kindness and compassion to more people in the community, which benefits everyone.” 

Kevin Gray, Chief Executive of the Society, said:

“We can’t wait to get started with BillyChip®️, what a simple but effective idea to help the homeless in our local cities and towns. This year we were keen to get our Members and staff more involved with choosing our charity of the year and we are delighted with the results!”

The Society will be working with BillyChip®️ to raise awareness in the local community, encourage more retailers to accept and sell the BillyChip®️ and provide local homeless people with somewhere welcoming where they can buy a hot drink or bite to eat and be treated with respect and humanity.

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