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World Poetry Day – An ode to the Buy For University mortgage

World Poetry Day 2023 seems a perfect time to share this short poem highlighting our popular Buy For Uni mortgage and explaining how it works…in verse! All rhyming talent comes from Chris Bennett, one of the creative brains behind our brand and website at WeAreDNA, thanks Chris.

Imagine the parents who care for their son,

who loved and looked after him right from day one.

Were there on the day when he first learnt to walk,

to recognise colours, to count and to talk.

But that was some time ago as you’ll soon see,

he’s now off to Uni to gain a degree.

So to the son we just spoke about,

he did well at school, that was never in doubt.

But now he’s moved out of the family home

he’s off in the big world, his first time alone.

It’s one big adventure, he’s got lots to give

but the first thing to think about, where will he live?

When they talked about renting the price was so high,

so they start looking out for a place they could buy.

They found a small house, a first foot on the ladder,

but finding the funds was a different matter.

They searched for a mortgage and found one online

Bath Building Society’s product sounded just fine.

The mortgage is simple, it suits many needs.

The student’s the borrower. Their name’s on the deeds.

The mortgage itself is in Mum and Dad’s name.

As well as the student. (In this case, it’s Kane).

He can rent out the spare room, he couldn’t be gladder.

In this day and age, on the property ladder!

It all went through simply, they had no complaints,

the next thing to do was a quick lick of paint.

Furniture, pictures, cups, plates and storage,

then in moved a tenant to help with the mortgage.

So what is the thing that we’ve hopefully shown?

Well, even a student can own their own home!

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