About Bath Building Society

Introduction from Kevin Gray, Chief Executive of Bath Building Society

Whether you are looking for mortgages or savings we think we have something different to offer.

I am always keen to hear from you, hopefully to tell me how good you found our service, but also when things have not gone as well as you would expect. Please do let me know either by phone, letter, email or by using our contact form.

Although we operate throughout Britain, we enjoy great support from the City of Bath and its surrounding areas. Indeed, the Society can trace its origins back to 1904, when it was set-up originally as a Friendly Society. It used Members’ investments to buy property to rent, becoming a Building Society in the 1950s, lending money for people in the City to buy their own homes.

The Society’s growth follows the growth of property ownership in Britain, with assets increasing from some £10m in 1980 to approximately £292m today.

Bath Building Society remains actively involved in the local community, examples of which can be seen here.

For existing clients we have created a Members page which includes some further information about the Society as well as details of any offers available to Members only. You may also be interested in reading our latest Up, Close and Personal publication, Members Review or alternatively our latest blog.

Contact details

15 Queen Square 
Bath BA1 2HN

General and Savings Enquiries

Email: savings@bibs.co.uk
Tel: 01225 423271 

Direct Mortgage Enquiries

Email: mortgages@bibs.co.uk
Tel: 01225 475730 

Intermediary Enquiries

Email: intermediaries@bibs.co.uk 

Tel: 01225 475702