The Charity Awards 2020

As you may be aware, sadly our Awards for 2020 have been cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak and the ongoing restrictions in the UK.


We have made the decision to support our current Charity of the Year, Bath-based VOICES, for a second year as we are unable to host our Awards this year.


However, we will continue to support our local community as we live through these unprecedented times together.


Each year, in addition to choosing our Charity of the Year, we donate money to several other deserving causes in our local area. This year we have redirected these funds to support the VOICES hardship fund, set up to support victims of domestic abuse during this period of isolation. The coronavirus crisis profoundly impacts victims of domestic abuse, including people who have not yet sought help and are still living with people using abusive behaviours in lockdown.


The remainder of the money will go to BANES 3SG to help fund their Compassionate Communities programme.  The programme was set up within days to help vulnerable people who are unable to get out to buy food or medicine during lockdown, or anyone who just wants to chat during these unprecedented times.  Our donation will go towards employing someone to coordinate the 2,000+ volunteers from across the region. We wish both organisations well with the amazing work they are doing in our local community in these uncertain times.