What news from the front?

Our Chief Executive, Kevin Gray, takes a look at how the war against the 'invisible enemy' (covid-19) has affected financial markets across the world, as well as how the Society continues to work hard for its Members in these uncertain times - offering key services to savers and borrowers: The international fight against Covid 19 has often been described as a ‘war against an invisible enemy’. …

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Seven tips for accidental savers to create a habit

A surprising outcome of the coronavirus pandemic is the emergence of the 'accidental saver'.  Research by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) estimates that around £182 a week of usual household spending has been put on hold due to lockdown. The average Brit stopped spending on commuting, holidays, eating out, socialising and gym memberships and as a result many have found themselves with …

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The world changed on their first day at Bath Building Society

It's three months into his new role as IT Support Administrator at Bath Building Society and Rhys Taylor has yet to work out who makes the best cup of tea in the IT team. In fact, he hasn't met the whole team face to face yet, because on the day he joined at the end of March, the UK had just gone into lockdown.  Rhys wasn't alone facing his first day in lockdown.  Over at our Oldfield Park Bra…

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What are the new security measures we are introducing to Bath Online?

We are doing our best to keep our Members safe online. So in line with new regulations, we have introduced new ways to login to your Bath Online account and transfer payments.  This extra level of security will require you to authenticate activity on your account using your mobile phone.  We will text you an authentication code to make sure it's really you accessing your account online.  We ca…

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Financial planning during lockdown

Bath Building Society CEO, Kevin Gray, reminds of us of the importance of planning your finances for the immediate and long term during lockdown:   At the time of writing this article I am social distancing at home with my two daughters, five dogs and three chickens. Like many people I am filling my spare time doing a myriad of things that I never normally do such as taking part in family quiz…

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