Being a Member
Anyone who has taken out a mortgage or has a personal savings account with a balance above £1 is considered to be a Member of the Society. To be a full voting Member you must have balances above £100 and be aged 18 and above.

What are my Rights as a Voting Member?
You are entitled to attend and vote at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on a number of issues: the election of directors and appointment of auditors, for example. You can also speak at AGMs, nominate directors, or stand for a position yourself.

Members are also entitled to receive particular pieces of information from the Society, including the Society’s annual Summary Financial Statement, which is available on request. An electronic copy of  the Members’ Review is available here.

Annual General Meeting
The AGM takes place in April each year at a venue close to Bath City Centre. It is held following publication of the Annual Report and Accounts, an electronic copy is available here.  Details of the AGM will be sent to every Member in advance of the meeting. The mailing also includes a voting pack to allow you to have your say on a number of Society issues.

All Members are welcome to attend, and we are keen for as many Members as possible to vote.  If you can’t attend the AGM, you are entitled to vote by post prior to the event.  For every vote cast, 50p will be donated to our charity of the year.