The Bath Reward Card

We are delighted to announce the launch of The Bath Reward Card to our Members.

The card is a unique discount card scheme with a focus on promoting quality, independent, local businesses in Bath. The scheme is organised by The Bath Independent Guest House Association in partnership with Bath Building Society.

The card is simple and accessible. It's easy to use and easy to redeem.

Currently there are over 70 Vendors in the scheme in and around Bath and a list of current offers can be found here, in one of our Branches or at

Using The Bath Reward Card

The card/key fob must be presented at participating Vendors to obtain any of the rewards or offers. Copies and printouts are not accepted.

The card holder will be required to check with the Vendor to ensure the offer or reward is available prior to sale. Please inform the Vendor that you wish to use The Bath Reward Card at the earliest opportunity (i.e. on booking or prior to ordering).

Offers are normally restricted to a maximum group of four people per card. Each particular offer may have a different restriction, which will be detailed on The Bath Reward Card website at

Offer Availability and Restrictions
All offers and rewards are deailed on The Bath Reward Card website and promotional material will be subject to availaiility and the Vendor reserves the right to withdraw or restrict the offer/reward at any time.

The offers/rewards are available to over 18's only.

Offers are not available in conjunction with any other promotion, set or special menu, or special offer. Please check with the Vendor to ensure offers or rewards are available.