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100% Buy For University variable for 4 years

Students can enjoy the security of owning their own home and rent rooms to contribute to the mortgage while they study. When assessing an application, we use the expected rental income as well as the parental income, which means we can lend more than with a typical mortgage. The mortgage itself will be on a Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor basis, which allows the student to add a parent to the application without including them on the property deeds. Take advantage of a discounted rate on this four year student mortgage, no deposit required.

The mortgages listed below move on to our Standard Variable Rate, currently 4.9% (variable), after the initial rate period. There may be a limit on how low your interest rate can fall. This is called an ‘interest rate floor’. The interest rate floor applicable to your loan will be specified in your loan documentation.

rate i
Discount from SVR iOverall cost for
comparison i
Max %
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4.20%0.70%4.80% APRC100%Interest only and repayment options available
See example

Representative example: A mortgage of £283,000 taken out for a period of 15 years on an interest only basis.

Monthly instalments: £990.50 per month for 47 months, followed by £1,160.12 per month for 132 months.

Total amount payable: £484,461.34

Total amount of credit: £283,000

The total amount payable includes administration fee £125, valuation fee £340, product fee £1,132, completion fee £75 and closing fee £100.

The overall cost for comparison is 4.8% representative APRC.

This example is based on a typical mortgage and assumes that fees are not added to the mortgage. Please ask for a personalised illustration for your own particular requirements.

  • Key features
    • Availability – Purchase up to 100% Loan To Value (LTV). No deposit required (subject to conditions).
    • Flexibility – Overpayments up to 20% of the capital balance as at 1st January are allowed in each calendar year without penalty.
    • Portable.
  • Early repayment

    If you repay your mortgage early, or make an overpayment, you may have to pay an early repayment charge.

    For full repayment, you will pay 3% of the outstanding balance in years 1, 2 & 3; 0% in year 4, plus a Closing Administration Fee (currently £100).

    For overpayments, you will pay 3% on any amount exceeding your 20% limit in year 1, 2 & 3, 0% in year 4.

  • Product fees
    • Administration fee £125.
    • Valuation fee (scale).
    • Product fee 0.4% of advance (minimum £599).
    • Completion fee £75.
  • Lending criteria

    Buy For Uni Mortgage Lending Criteria and Information

    Loan sizeSize: Minimum £50,000 Maximum £500,000.
    Term: Minimum 5 years, Maximum 40 years.
    PropertyMinimum Value: £100,000. Must be in England, Wales or mainland Scotland and and the property must be suitably located with good transport links to the University to be attended..
    ApplicantAge: Minimum 18, no maximum, subject to income in retirement.
    UnderwritingThe mortgage will be in joint names of the student and parent(s) but the property can be owned solely by the student, to avoid additional stamp duty liability for the parents. Where the loan exceeds 80% of the property value, additional security can be taken against the parents home providing the total charges over the parents house do not exceed 70%. This means that your parents may find it more difficult to raise capital against the equity in their home and in the event of default their home may be at risk.  Evidence of a university place will be required and there must be at least one academic year remaining on the course.
    Collateral Valuation:All collateral valuations will be carried out by the way of desktop valuation (automated valuation model) at no cost to the customer. Where a desktop valuation is not possible, a full valuation will be carried out and normal fee scale would be charged to the customer (see product fees).

    Tenancies must be on an assured shorthold or licence basis for no more than 12 months (renewable) and no more than 4 occupants in total.

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