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Self build mortgages

Dreaming of buying a plot of land and building your own home? A self build mortgage is designed to fund a range of homebuilding plans, including self and custom build. It’s different to a traditional mortgage as funds are released in stages. 

The Bath Building Society Self Build range is available exclusively through BuildStore, the UK’s leading supplier to the self-build, conversion and renovation market. Contact them to discuss your individual circumstances. We consider traditional, unusual and modern
construction methods.

Mortgages are secured against your home. You could lose your home if you do not keep up payments on your mortgage.

Frequently Asked Questions about Self Build mortgages

  • What is a Self build mortgage?

    A specialist Self build mortgage is for people planning to design and build a home themselves. The mortgage funds costs related to the building work including labour and materials. The main difference from a standard residential mortgage is that the funds are released in stages, as phases of the building work is complete.

  • What types of Self build mortgage are available?

    There are two types of Self build mortgage. The most common type is an Arrears Self build mortgage. Payments are released after each stage of the build is complete and is more suitable for people who have cash to pay for the project upfront. An Advance Self build mortgage is when payments are released at the beginning of each stage, so the money is available to pay for labour and materials in advance.

  • What are the pros and cons of a Self build mortgage?

    When deciding if a Self build mortgage is right for you, there are a few things to consider:


    • You only have to pay duty on the value of the land purchased, so will save money as Stamp Duty isn’t paid against the cost of building work, or the property value once the work is completed.
    • A borrower will only pay interest on the monies received and not the total amount from day one.
    • Building your own home can save you money compared to buying a house if you plan the project well and pick the labour and materials yourself.
    • People who have built their own home often find that the value of the completed property is much higher than the upfront costs of the land, materials and labour.


    • If the build project doesn’t go to plan or you go over budget, there is always a risk you could lose out financially.
    • Self build mortgages often require a larger deposit, with higher rates and fees than standard residential mortgages.
    • Finding the right piece of land and organising architects, labourers and materials can be very time consuming.


  • How much money do I need for a Self build mortgage?

    As a rule, you can expect to need a deposit of at least 25% of the total project cost, unless you own the land already. Before applying for a Self build mortgage, it is a good idea to contact BuildStore to understand how much you might be able to borrow.

  • Can I use land as a deposit for a Self build mortgage?

    If you already own the land you won’t need to borrow as much. It is also possible you could re-mortgage the land to help towards affordability. This might help to raise money needed to fund the initial build stages.

  • Can I get a mortgage for just land?

    It is possible to get a mortgage for just land, but in most cases, you will need a large deposit, which can be up to 50%. BuildStore will require proof of planning permission.

  • What are the stages of a Self build mortgage?

    Self build mortgages work by releasing funds in stages as the build progresses. Typically the first payment is released when you buy the land; second when the foundations are laid and again once the property is built up to eaves level. As the build progresses a further payment is normally made when the roof is watertight and then when the interior walls are plastered. A final instalment is paid on completion.

  • Do you pay stamp duty on Self builds?

    You only pay stamp duty on the value of the land purchased, so will save money as stamp duty isn’t paid against the cost of building work, or the property value once the work is completed.

  • Is a Self build mortgage the same as a custom build mortgage?

    A Self build project is when the borrower is directly organising the design and build of their new home. Whereas a custom build project is when a property developer takes on the majority of the work. The buyer can specify a layout and finishes but the project requires much less input that self-build projects.

  • Can you get a Self build mortgage for a barn conversion?

    This is a niche area of lending but something that we can consider. Contact BuildStore to find out more.

  • Can I get a Self build mortgage for a timber framed house?

    This is a niche area of lending but something that we can consider. Contact BuildStore to find out more.

  • Can I switch to a normal mortgage once the build is complete?

    In most cases, it is possible to remortgage once your self build is complete and certified by a surveyor. The benefit of a standard mortgage deal is that it is likely to have lower interest rates and bring down monthly payments.

    If you want to remortgage, it is important to check if there are any early repayment fees for leaving your Self build mortgage deal.

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