What kinds of Personal Information about you do we process?

Personal information we process includes:   

  • Your title, full name, your contact details, including for instance your email address, home and mobile telephone numbers;
  • Your home address, correspondence address (where different from your home address) and address history;
  • Your date of birth and/or age, e.g. to make sure that you are eligible to apply for the product and/or that it is suitable for you;
  • Records of how you have contacted us and, if you get in touch with us online, details such as your mobile phone location data, IP address and MAC address;
  • Your financial details e.g. your income and expenditure, details of your savings, and details of bank accounts and mortgages held with other providers;
  • Details about all of your existing borrowings and loans;
  • Personal information about your credit history which we obtain from Credit Reference Agencies (CRA) including data which originates from Royal Mail (UK postal addresses), local authorities (electoral roll), the insolvency service, Companies’ House, other lenders and providers of credit (who supply data to the CRAs), court judgments decrees and administration orders made publicly available through statutory public registers (see the section on ‘Credit Reference Agencies’ below);
  • Information about your employment status including whether you are employed, self-employed, retired or receive benefits;
  • Information about your occupier status, such as whether you are a tenant, live with parents or are an owner occupier of the property in which you live at the time of your application;
  • Information which is relevant for your residency and/or citizenship status, such as your nationality, your length of residency in the UK and/or whether you have the permanent right to reside in UK;  
  • Your marital status, family, lifestyle or social circumstances if relevant to the mortgage product (e.g. the number of dependents you have or if you are a widow or widower); and
  • Where relevant, information about any guarantor which you provide in any application.