With perfectly balanced Savings and Mortgage books, no exposure to complex financial dealings and sub prime lending, Bath Building Society offers an excellent home for your money in the current climate.

We see all our customers as individuals rather than as numbers and we always endeavour to provide our Members with attractive savings rates.

As a local Building Society offering Savings and Investments we are passionate about giving our Members and customers something special, something they find difficult to get elsewhere. Many of us have worked in larger companies and understand from personal experience the difficulties that big companies have in really giving customers the kind of service they want. Because we are small, we don't do thing like the large financial institutions:

  • we don't have call centres
  • you have access to the decision makers
  • we can offer much more flexibility in the way that we meet individual customers' needs
  • we still offer a personal service in a world that is becoming more impersonal.

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