Pension Accounts

What Pension Account options do Bath Building Society currently provide?

We currently offer Instant, Notice and Fixed Term deposits of Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP) and Small Self Administered Schemes (SSAS).

What is a SIPP?

SIPP stands for Self Invested Personal Pension and is a type of personal pension plan. It works in the same way for contributions, tax relief and eligibility. However, the main difference is that the SIPP has a more flexible approach to investments, allowing individuals to make their own investment decisions.

We currently have two SIPP products:

SIPP Pension Instant terms and conditions

SIPP Pension 100 terms and conditions

What is a SSAS?

SSAS stands for Small Self-Administered Scheme and is a small occupational pension typically designed for director-level and above employees of a limited company.

A SSAS can be open to all employees and their family members even if they don't work for the employer and is usually limited to 11 members.  The key benefit of opening a SSAS cash account is that it can offer the employer increased flexibility ​about where they can invest their funds. 

We currently have two SSAS products:

SASS Pension Instant terms and conditions

SASS Pension 100 terms and conditions

Contact Us

We are here to help you to understand more about how our accounts operate, and what you need to do to open a SIPP or SSAS account.  You can call our Pension specialists Emma Seymour and Jon Sweeting on 01225 423271 or book an appointment (we are currently only arranging online and telephone appointments in accordance with Government guidelines):

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