Power of Attorney

This page discusses how to open a savings account which can be used by a Power of Attorney. It also covers how an Attorney is able to operate an account on behalf of someone else.

The process of opening an Account for use by a Power of Attorney

To open a new account we require:

Applicant 1 should be the customer, please note this next to the ‘Applicant 1’ heading. The Attorneys details should then be completed under Applicant 2. In the event that there is more than one Attorney all of them must complete and sign the application form.

  • We require two pieces of identification for all Attorney’s and the customer. Please see our list of acceptable documents
  • A certified copy of the Power of Attorney document.
Amending an Existing Account to add a Power of Attorney

To add an Attorney to an existing account we require:

Signed by the Attorney and if possible the customer. If it is not possible for the customer to sign this should be stated on the form with a reason.

  • Two pieces of identification for the Attorney. Please see our list of acceptable documents
  • A certified copy of the Power of Attorney document.
Savings Accounts available for Power of Attorney

All of our Personal Savings accounts are able to be opened as a Power of Attorney account. To discuss the best option for you, please contact our Customer Support Team on 01225 423271.                                                        

How an Attorney is able to operate a Savings Account


Customer has capacity

Customer lacks capacity

Account Name

Will stay in the customer’s name.

Will change to (Attorney’s name) as Attorney for (customer’s name)

Signing Rights

The customer and Attorney will have the right to sign.

The customer will no longer be able to sign, the Attorney will need to do this on their behalf.


The Attorney may request a duplicate statement be sent to their address.

All statements will be sent to the Attorney only.

Opening Accounts

The Attorney can open accounts on behalf of the customer, although if this is their first account the customer will also need to sign.

The Attorney can open new and additional accounts.

Closing Accounts

The Attorney or customer is able to close an account.

The Attorney can close accounts on behalf of the customer.

Updating Customer Details

The Attorney is able to update customer details but we’ll need signed authorisation from the customer.

The Attorney is able to update customer details.

  • How does an Attorney access a savings account?

Once added as a signatory to an account, an Attorney is able to register for our Bath Online Service. An Attorney may also wish to update the email authority for an account, if the customer has capacity they will also need to sign this document.

  • Attorneys appointed jointly or severally

If you have been appointed jointly all written instructions will need to be signed by all Attorneys. We can still accept instructions by email but the email authority will need to have been signed by all Attorneys.

  • What happens to a joint account?

If you have a joint account with someone who is losing mental capacity you should talk to your Bank or Building Society as soon as possible. If an Enduring or Lasting Power of Attorney is already set up we will allow the account holder with capacity and the Attorney to operate the account independently of each other, unless the account holder objects. In this case the account will continue on a ‘both-to sign’ basis only.

  • What happens if someone passes away?

If the customer passes away, Power of Attorney ceases on death. The Attorney will therefore no longer have access to any accounts.

If the Attorney passes away, the Power of Attorney is revoked. Unless the Attorney has been appointed jointly or severally and there is another surviving Attorney.

The information given in this guide is based on Bath Building Society’s understanding of Power of Attorney as at March 2015, which may change in future. It does not constitute a recommendation and individuals are advised to seek professional independent advice.