Tariff of Charges

Bath Building Society is giving you this information so that you will understand the charges that might be made while you are a customer of the Society. These charges may change from time to time, but we will give you at least 30 days notice of any increase in fees.

Investment Fees

Returned Cheque

If you pay a cheque into your Society account and there are insufficient funds in the account it is drawn on, our bank will return it unpaid and charge us a fee. We will debit your account with this fee.

Stopped Cheques

If you need to stop a cheque, which is withdrawn from your Society account, we will let you know the cost and debit your account with this fee.

Request for Copy of Cheque

Our bank stores all cheques deposited into your account. If you need a copy of a cheque we can ask them to provide a copy. They will need specific information and this will take some time.

Replacement Passbook

These are expensive documents and if you lose your passbook, we will charge this fee to your account.

Reply to Audit Letter

Where an auditor, accountant or solicitor requests specific information about your investment account, we reserve the right to charge up to this figure, depending on the amount of work involved. We will let you know the amount prior to carrying out the work.


General Fees

Telegraphic Transfer (CHAPS)

Telegraphic transfers in connection with either your mortgage or your investment account can usually be arranged if you provide the necessary information on the morning of the transfer, but this fee will be charged.

Same Day Faster Payments

A fee will be charged for all same day requests for faster payment transfers from your mortgage or savings account.

Business Direct Range of Accounts

A maximum of two electronic withdrawals per month will be undertaken free of charge. Thereafter, all electronic transfers will be charged, with the fee being debited to the account.

Photocopying (maximum per document)

We will usually charge 25 pence per A4 sheet but reserve the right to charge up to this amount for complex packs of information.

Copy Statement

We can usually reproduce a statement of account, which will be charged at this rate per account, per year.

Data Protection Access Request

We can usually reproduce a statement of account, which will be charged at this rate per account, per year.


If the Society makes a charge for any service outside of this tariff, you will be advised on request, or at the time the service is offered to you. This tariff does not include charges relating to taking out a new mortgage. You will be informed of any costs in connection with a new mortgage in the Key Facts Illustration, before any charges are made.