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AGM 2022

Our AGM will be held on Thursday, 28th April 2022 in The Abbey Room at The Hilton Hotel, Walcot Street, Bath. The meeting will commence at 12 noon.

Due to ongoing Coronavirus restrictions, we will only be allowing a small number of Members to attend the AGM in person to air their views and raise any questions. We will confirm the number of Members able to attend in due course.

You can view the results of our AGM 2021 and a recording of our Chairman & CEO speeches below. Read the latest Members Review and Annual Report 2020 in our Reports section.

ResolutionsForAgainstAbstentionsWithheld /
1. To consider a Special Resolution to change the Society Rules129659450
2. To receive the Annual Report & Accounts135633110
3. To re-appoint PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP as Auditors129382250
4. To approve the Directors Remuneration Report1220158220
5. To elect Joanne Evans128394230
6. To re-elect Angela Cha130664300
7. To re-elect Robert Derry-Evans129284240
8. To re-elect Fionnuala Earley128194250
9. To re-elect Kevin Gray130075250
10. To re-elect Tom Leach129084260
11. To re-elect Tonia Lovell129282260
12. To re-elect David Smith129878240
13. To re-elect Chris Smyth128194250
Total Number of spoilt votes0
Total Number of votes cast in 20211400

Bath Building Society Chairman & CEO speeches from the virtual AGM 2021

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