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Our Charity of the Year

Voting is now closed. Votes received after midnight, Sunday, 6th June, will not be counted. Our new Charity of the Year will be announced later in June.

We asked Bath Building Society colleagues to nominate a charity close to their heart, who they believe do great work in the local community, and would like to see the Society partner with as our next Charity of the Year.

And now it’s your turn. We want Members to vote in Branch or via email for their choice from the shortlist of 3 charities below. This year’s chosen charity will actually be the Society’s Charity of the ‘Year’ for 18 months as we are also moving to a calendar year from January 2023, which makes more sense all round!

Bath Foodbank

Since the pandemic, demand for our local Foodbank service has seen a huge spike. The small team of staff and volunteers are serving more than 400 families a month, almost double the number visiting before the coronavirus pandemic. Operated by Genesis Trust, the Foodbank provides three day emergency food parcels to people and families in crisis. For people on low incomes, a sudden change in circumstances such as redundancy, benefit delay or even an unexpected bill, can mean going hungry. Bath Foodbank aims to ensure that everyone can access food when they need to. The Foodbank depends on voluntary contributions of food and finance to keep up this essential service.

Learn more about the work of Bath Foodbank in our local community:

Vote for Bath Foodbank by emailing ‘Bath Foodbank’ to


BillyChip®️ is the legacy of Billy Abernethy-Hope, a young ambulance driver from Saltford near Bath. Billy was the creator and inspiration behind this social enterprise which puts coffee shops and take-aways at the heart of community support for the homeless. Customers buy a BillyChip for £2 from any participating outlet in Bath and give it to a homeless person. That BillyChip can then be redeemed for food and drink of their choice, keeping your donation safe from miss use. All profits go to homeless projects. Sadly Billy never saw the scheme in action due to his untimely death in 2018 aged just 20 years old. Billy’s family made his plan to help homeless people a reality and the scheme is already being adopted in other towns and cities across the UK.

Learn more about how the BillyChip is helping our local homeless community:

Vote for BillyChip by emailing ‘BillyChip’ to

The Woodworks Project

The Woodworks Project runs Furniture and Upholstery workshop projects from their professionally equipped workshops. The projects are designed to help those who have faced difficulties through their mental or physical health or history of addiction, to move forward in their lives in a friendly, relaxed and supportive environment.

They aim to create as realistic a work experience as possible for their clients, doing genuinely meaningful and engaging work in structured full-day sessions. The people who come to their projects work on making, renovating and upholstering furniture. Along the way, they will learn all the woodworking and upholstery skills needed to produce work to a high standard from our experienced and expert tutors.

Learn more about the Woodworks Project in Bath:

Vote for the Woodworks Project by emailing ‘Woodworks Project’ to

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